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 New - Shenyang Blu BL2000-STB-V9.0 Serial PC Edition

Single ladder , parallel and group control ( group control board mating ) ;
 Speed ​​range 0.25 - 4 m / s ;
 Applicable ladder : passenger , freight elevators , bed elevators, residential elevators, sightseeing elevators ;
 Applicable Floor: 64 landing the following ;
 Wireless and wired remote monitoring , community monitoring interface ;
A lift card intelligent management and voice station interface ;
A weighing compensation and fire linkage interface ;
For a gear traction machine and gearless permanent magnet synchronous traction machine .
FUJITSU company developed by Japan 's high level of integration microcontroller, the microcontroller with the computation of high precision ( 32-bit ) , speed, storage capacity, strong anti-interference characteristics . Widely used in industrial control, automotive control circuit high reliability requirements of the occasion ;
In-depth analysis summarizes similar products at home and abroad over the past decade the strengths and weaknesses of contemporary scientific and technological progress in the starting point , the focus on improving the performance of the elevator control system, while further focus on strengthening immunity , interfere with environmental monitoring and elevators control system peripheral components , wells monitoring the signal ;
Fully consider the needs of different users , set up user-level , factory , enterprise -level three passwords menu management at different levels of the menu, you can select separately elevator logic function , parameter setting , fault diagnosis, internal state observation , block the optimal combination to effectively guide the commissioning and maintenance work ;
Given the speed with analog and digital modes, in -depth study of a variety of elevator starting and braking curve and the merits of the law , based on the scientific basis for using a running distance and speed curve combination of comprehensive algorithms that achieve stepless adjustment of the curve , for speed optimization curve point moves a given pattern . Greatly improves the ride comfort and efficiency of the elevator , but also for a wide range of floor spacing changes (0.5m-20m or more ) of the special elevator ;
Leveling accuracy using the adaptive algorithm , the traditional "time principle " and " location policy " organically combined , in direct calls to achieve lift leveling accuracy <3mm;
Concise optimized hardware architecture ; layers PCB SMT surface mount ; whole serial CAN bus communication ; networked structure design ; coupled with the unique ground interference evaluation , the encoder evaluation, input interference evaluation to ensure the system at any external environment are able to safe and reliable operation ;
Embedded fault diagnosis expert system from automatically diagnose the causes of failure and the LCD screen prompts . The system is equipped with calendar clock , can last 10 fault occurred ( year, month, day, hour , minute, second ) , types, causes , floors and other information memory storage , and all serial and parallel signals can be real-time monitoring , thereby greatly enhancing the on-site commissioning and maintenance of the efficiency and timeliness ;
Unified type of software design and network hardware architecture, the system function expansion easy and simple and can be easily implemented in parallel , group control , weighing compensation , voice stations , smart card management, wired remote monitoring, wireless remote monitoring and community monitoring and other functions ;
A universal encoder interface. Can be arbitrarily connected to push-pull type , long drive type , different voltages , different manufacturers of various types of encoders. No division of the inverter , in particular to the application of gearless traction machine brought great convenience ;
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) through the national test .
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