Otis elevator board siei RV33-4NV

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Otis elevator board siei RV33-4NV

Otis elevator board siei RV33-4NV

SIEI Drive Motherboard Motherboard RV33-4NV 3.600 SIEI version Elevator

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SIEI Drive by the Italian production of a high-performance drives, the first in the country by the West OTIS in matching synchronous motor has unique advantages: First, the drive features a rich PI, can be subdivided into paragraph 4 (including a zero speed PI), and width adjustable, so you can match toothless motor to the load when the signal to start the slide down to happen; Second, it has two sets of self-tuning procedure: a is the motor parameter self-tuning, it can automatically whole set of motor phase inductance and resistance constant, avoiding the motor manufacturers to provide motor parameters insufficiency caused by debugging difficult to improve; another is no tooth orientation tuning, the program is to test code and motor magnetic pole position corresponding.

SIEI Drive Features:
Automatic current regulator co-ordination, magnetic and speed controller, brushless motor magnetic automatic phasing.
Space vector modulation mode the noise level to a minimum.
2,4,8,12,16 kHz carrier frequency can choose between.
Output voltage up to 98% of the input voltage
Fault logger stores the 30 most recent fault alarm and the corresponding failure time
For the drive, motor and brake unit provides overload protection.
There are three standard devices freely configurable analog input port.
Via the optional expansion card (EXP D8R4, EXP D14A4F) scalable analog / digital outputs and analog / digital input
Adjustable speed and the torque current.
For many different types of feedback device (encoder) for management.
Speed adaptive function.
Speed-related alarms

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