otis RSEB communication board 9693AE1

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otis RSEB communication board 9693AE1

OTIS RSEB communication board
part number: 9693AE1

Detailed Product Description
OTIS Parts - Otis RSEB A9693AE1
Competitive price
One year quality warranty
Wide selling

OTIS Parts - Otis RSEB A9693AE1
 1.Great quality with competitive price         
 2.Wide selling to European, American, and win positive feedback                        3.Enjoy 1 year quality warranty

Otis RSEB A9693AE1

The following products are synchronized selling:
LCBII GDA21240 1600.00
The EU2020 NAA20701AAA00 TOEC40 transformation with 1120.00
Arrival clock display (dot matrix) NAA20317AAA00 238.00
Arrival lamp light board NAA20312AAA00 5X5, red, green 63.00
Outbound standard (single meter) JAA25140AAD106 apply to tianjingotis 3100,3200,2000 the VF series 300VF, GeN2, SKY; xizi, 21VF, OH5000 Series 150.00
External call triple (single m) DAA25140NNN5/13 170.00
Outbound triple parallel (single m) DAA25140NNP5/13 300.00
The car in standard (single m) JAA25140AAB201 350.00
The car in the standard display (dot matrix) 400.00
The sedan includes RS5 (single m) DAA25250A203 450.00
Outbound triple display (dot) NA (B) A20307AAA01 apply to Suzhou Jiangnan fast
SUPEX Series 240.00
The sedan includes the RS5 (dot) NAA20314ABA00 500.00
SOM-II NAA20416AAA00 800.00

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