oxford light curtain FCU35

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oxford light curtain FCU35

Thin light curtain series

35 beam-beam infrared light curtain is designed for the face of Europe and Asia Pacific market applications.

For static installation screens FCU0735 series about the characteristics of:
Non-parallel array of 40-beam infrared beam;
The simple shape of an assembly in the 9mm thick * 26.5mm wide aluminum casing. The thin-series light curtains IP rating of IP54 (waterproof and dustproof), can be installed directly in the common interface for the door controller or FS.

Technical Specifications
FCU0735 slim light curtains series
Number of beams: 35 beam parallel to the beam
The number of sensors: 18 pairs
Sensor interval: 98mm
The corresponding time :48-96 milliseconds
Detection distance: 3 meters (static), 1.5 meters (installed on the door)
Anti-light intensity: 50000lux
Angle allows: plus or minus 10 °
Installation tolerance: +-10mm vertical ~~+-4mm level
Operating voltage: 18 ~ 30V DC
Current consumption: less than 100mA RMS
IP rating: IP54
Operating temperature range: -20 ° to 65 °
Storage temperature range: -40 ° to 80 °
Dimensions: 9 * 26.5 * 2010mm
Cable length: 3.4 m * 2
Safety Certification: UL. CUL. CE (EMC)

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