Siemens Contactor 201 1 KM284120

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Siemens Contactor 201 1 KM284120

Siemens Contactor 201 1 KM284120

Siemens Contactor 201 1 KM284120.Siemens comprehensive line of lighting contactors offer a wide range of control solutions for lighting applications. These contactors can be used individually Kone

      Genuine SIEMENS Siemens contactor voltage specifications: (AC / DC) 24V 36V 48V 110V 127V 220V 380V (corresponding specifications coil voltage interchangeable)
      3TF 3TB 3TS Series AC contactor for AC 50Hz or 60Hz, rated insulation voltage 690-1000V
      Utilization category AC-3 rated working voltage 380V rated current 6A-400A
      Mainly for remote making and breaking the circuit used, applied to control AC motor starting, stopping and reversing. Meet IEC947, VDE0660, GB14048 standard.
       Good safety performance, and is not exposed conductive parts; small size, light weight, interrupter cover made ​​of unsaturated resin, arc resistance, not break;

       The interrupter was closed arcing distance is small, and can reduce the electrical box dimensions;
       The unique structure of the main contact system, contact wear and electrical life;
       The electromagnet work reliably, and less wear and tear, noise, and possessed a high mechanical strength; operating frequency and high control capacity;
       3TS29-36 3TF30-35 series plus auxiliary contact blocks;
       Patent termination method SIGUT-Siemens, easy to wire, solid, high contact reliability, vibration resistance, good security
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