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        Jufeng Elevator Technology Co., Ltd. is established with the sole purpose of providing quality product at right price to you and to help you keep pace with  elevator parts,escalator parts and lift spare parts.

       Our customers with easier and quicker business.

       Our biggest strength is that we can supply even 1 pc of product at the price of Wholesale. 

       Top quality products at affordable prices. Our products are in a wide range : 

Polyurethane Buffer,Elevator Button,Door Operator,Guide Rail,Guide Shoe/Gib,Elevator Door,Elevator Board,Elevator Roller,Elevator Wire Rope,Elevator Tool,Elevator Belt,Elevator Lock,Elevator Switch,Elevator Light Curtain,Other Elevator Parts,Comb Plate,Demarcation Tail/Strip,Escalator Handrail,Escalator PCB,Escalator Roller,Escalator Chain,Escalator Step,Handrail Inlet,Drive Wheel,Escalator Light,Other Escalator Parts

  1.          FAST shipping. Most orders will be shipped within 24-72 hours after receipt of payment.
  2.        Prompt professional customer service. Your questions and concerns are important to us!
  3.        We constantly update our online catalogue to bring you the best selection.
  4.        We offer great discounts to our bulk buyers. 
  5.        We provide ongoing assistance. We want you to come back again and again.
  6.        We accept T/T,western union as payment .
  7.        We provide extra care to each and every customer who order from us !!!

       our elevator parts,escalator parts and lift spare parts are supplied to all world class elevator manufacturers, including Otis parts, Mitsubishi parts, Schindler parts, Fujitec parts, Thyssen parts, Hyundai parts, LG sigma parts, KONE parts, and so on.

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Email-1: jufengelevator@live.cn Skype: tina_elevator Email-2: sales@lift-spare-parts.com
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